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Lithuania is known for its castles, lakes and forests, wheat and barley fields, seaside and beaches, winding car commercial roads, industrial estates, and Soviet architecture.

Locations of particular interest to filmmakers include the Hill of Crosses, Curonian Spit National Park, Aukštaitija National Park, Kuršių Nerija National Park, Trakai National Park, and Trakai Island Castle.

The former capital Kaunas is known for museums, galleries, palaces, and parks. Locations of note include Kaunas Castle, Pažaislis monastery, and Town Hall Square.

Vilnius is the capital and main production centre. Vilnius is known for its UNESCO World Heritage Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architecture including the beautifulCathedral Square.

In Lithuania you can find full variety of modern, scadinavian, pan-European interiors, houses, shops, public purpose buildings like schools, hospitals, banks and supermarkets.

rgb locations